Editorial Cover Illustrations

Journal and textbook covers, slides, and other editorial figures will appear here soon. On 3/3/11 I posted this temporary link to a Picassa slideshow that highlights a couple of my recent covers. I've got dozens of others and more descriptions to post once I get some free time (they will date back to 1995.)

YouTube Animations: Home of GrahamJ.com's Science Channel

I create lots of rough animation renderings that never had an audience until YouTube made it so easy to post. I hope these can be useful to others in the field or to learners who enjoy physics and/or cellular and molecular biology. The embedded YouTube site works poorly in Safari, so I recommend using Firefox to view this item.

Old fiVth.com portfolio

Illustrations and aimations as presented on my old fiVth website. This could also be considered one of two portfolio pieces for web design... the other being grahamj.com

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ePMV wiki

ePMV temp wiki demo 11/19/2010

autoFill wiki

autoFill temp wiki demo 4/25/2011

MolToys Google Cart Gadget

Moltoys GoogleCart

MolToys Custom Button Cart

Amino acid beads can identify you as a wicked cool nerd....

The α-carbon atom of alanine is bound with a methyl group (-CH3), making it one of the simplest α-amino acids with respect to molecular structure and also resulting in alanine being classified as an aliphatic amino acid. The methyl group of alanine is non-reactive and is thus almost never directly involved in protein function.
Aspartate or


B is a placeholder. B is used cases where chemical or crystallographic analysis of a peptide or protein cannot conclusively determine the the difference between Aspartate or Asparagine.
You may thus select either D or N for a B from the menu to the right.
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